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RIZN Communication Design Studio - webdesign, corporate identity, graphic design and advertising.

RIZN Communication Design Studio


The creative spirit and activity of RIZN Communication Design Studio are focused in the field of corporate identity, webdesign, graphic design, advertising, internet marketing. The courage to be different and to stand up for the distinguished features of our customers empower us to develop brands into a new level of style that is refined with a lot of fantasy, innovation and interactivity.

The Company

RIZN was founded by Asen Katsov and George Vassilev who have been close friends for many years. They set up the company led by their common desire to offer creative and effective solutions and a distinguishable style to their clients.

Asen Katsov is a former Interactive Design Director for BSH and has also given presentations at Adobe Creative Day and The International Media Awards for Web Albena. As a part of the BSH team he participated in the creation of notable projects like BSH.bg, SmartShare.net, Bulstrad.bg, Fair.bg, Bulgaria.bg, Kenar.bg, Wakeski.com.

Georgi Vassilev has worked as Art Director for Noble Graphics Creative Studio and he is the person behind joro.orjo.com.

We focus on good cooperation with our partners and our goal is to be always useful to our clients.

In order to provide successful internet solutions, we have created a three-step process that enables us to precisely define and design the projects.

Our Projects

Orjo.com is an online creative community, providing its services to designers, software developers, architects, copywriters, 3D, video and audio artists. It combines creative portfolios' directory and job board.

Riznlog.com is our design and development playground. It is the place where we write about our skills, thoughts and inspirations.


  • Abstracta Architectural Studio
  • Arhis Architects Group
  • Ashley & Holmes Sofia
  • Architectural Digital Design
  • Banda
  • BEA Constructions
  • Bogdan Mebel
  • BSS Promotion
  • Bulgarian Donors Forum
  • CambridgeIP
  • Crossroad – Software and Consulting
  • Damyanov Clima
  • DDB Sofia
  • Genig – 3D Visualizations
  • GTZ – Office Sofia
  • Ideo Saatchi & Saatchi
  • IDxS
  • Lider Magazine
  • Menu Magazine
  • Mitev & Son Consulting
  • NAB Architects
  • New Moment New Ideas Company
  • Noble Graphics Creative Studio
  • Noise Architects
  • SofCo
  • SportDepot
  • Tangram 3DS
  • Technical University – Plovdiv
  • Vesta Design
  • Virtech
  • WebGate
  • WCIF

Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing well by doing good!

Corporate social responsibility(CSR) is the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development, working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve their quality of life.

We believe in the principles associated with CSR — community involvement, accountability, sustainability, transparency, ethical conduct, no corruption, fairness and inclusion. RIZN Communication Design Studio is committed to the CSR principles and it is aware of its responsibilities as a modern company.

RIZN is cooperating with Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation in the field of Corporate social responsibility. We are supporting several fundraising campaigns:

Zaedno is a web site for on-line donations for important social causes and initiatives. Zaedno.bg gives publicity to current fundraising campaigns in Bulgaria and at the same time it offers an opportunity to people to give back something to the country.

FloodAid is an initiative of а number Bulgarian non–governmental organizations in response to the disaster, that affected more than 2,5 million people in Bulgaria in 2005. At the moment the Floodaid initiative aims at establishing support mechanisms for prevention of similar disasters.


Corporate Identity

  • Logodesign
  • Corporate branding
  • Strategy definition


  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • Campaign sites
  • Flash intros
  • Multimedia

Graphic Design

  • Creative
  • Illustrations
  • Print design
  • Prepress


  • Internet marketing
  • Website promotion
  • Online advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization